A slightly irreverant guide to me

Friday The Thirteenth

I was born on Friday the 13th and laugh defiantly at the idea of congenital bad luck. I later learn through a Star Trek day calendar that I share a birthday with Whoopi Goldberg.


The Nerd Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered and with it my nerd half was born.


Magic Flute Frontiers

I performed in my first and last professional opera as Spirit #3 in Mozart's The Magic Flute. Also in the production was a young Shuler Hensley.



I go to my first Star Trek convention but the entrance fee of $75 is too high for my middle school allowance. I stare longingly past the woman sitting sentinel at a folding table and dream of the starship models I won't go home with.


We Gleed First

I joined show choir. Because Midwest. It's jazz shoes and fuchsia-teal lycra for much of the decade's remainder. We collectively discovered jazz sneakers, mononucleosis, and RENT.


Thoroughly Modern D

I moved to New York City. The 9 train still accompanied the 1 and you could use tokens to board.


Summer in the City

The Northeast Blackout occurred as I waited for an elevator. I was fired from a movie theater job the next day.


Ferengi Playwright

I sang some challenging music on the recording of The Music Teacher: A Play Opera written by Wallace Shawn. The show included a dream orgy sequence set on a plane in mid-flight. Becuase Off-Broadway. I was too nervous to fanboy for Wallace.


Picard and Gandalf are Besties

I spent the day at the Cort Theatre watching Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, and Shuler Hensley in No Man's Land and Waiting For Godot. The nerd-gasm / actor-gasm that I experienced was unprecedented.


Bon Voyage

I set sail on a cruise ship with a cast of 12. We sang our way through Alaska, Mexico, the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean.



Amid the first week of rehearsals for The Bridges of Madison County, a Star Trek Convention occurs in NYC for the first time since I've lived there. My pre-ordered tickets go unused. Luckily, Jason Robert Brown's score makes up for me missing it.