Derek Basthemer

NCL Followup


Please find the two callback songs, movement combo, and a selection of photos below (thirsty gym selfies included). Additionally I've added new production show reels, abbreviated and extended versions. More photos and videos can be found on my Instagram linked at the bottom of the page.

A brief reintroduction: I’m a New York based actor and vocalist who has traveled extensively fulfilling production contracts. I am versatile in many music genres including crossover, pop/rock, classical, and musical theatre. I have experience in both small and large casts, intimate and larger spaces.

I can sing in Italian, German and French. I also served as vocal captain for all the contracts I have completed. I am an excellent sight reader and do not need to be taught music.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

All my best,

Norwegian Followup (Vocal Material)

Recorded January 7, 2020

Introduction, We Are The Champions, She's Country

Vocalist Dance Callback

Recorded January 6, 2020

Abbreviated Reel for Ships

An abbreviated reel containing examples of crossover, pop/rock, and classical styles.

Extended Reel for Ships

An extended reel with examples of crossover, pop/rock, musical theatre, and classical styles.